Dead on Arrival (DOA) and Returns Policy

Dead on Arrival (DOA) Product: System Failure Out of the Box

An product is considered DOA if it shows symptoms of a hardware failure preventing basic operability upon its first use out of the box. If you believe that your product may be DOA please contact Technical Support by email at within 3 calendar days of the delivery date. Technical Support will determine if the product is DOA and offer you one of the following options:

Warranty Replacement: The same product that you ordered will be shipped to you at’s expense. First, you have to ship the damaged unit back. After the return of the DOA unit has been verified, a new replacement unit will be sent out.

Service: You may have the product repaired; however, once serviced the product is no longer eligible for replacement.

The product must be deemed DOA by Technical Support within 3 calendar days of the delivery date to receive a replacement unit.

DOA Terms and Conditions

This DOA policy only applies to asset recovery/surplus items and hardware products currently offered on the Store.

If the product is deemed DOA by Technical Support more than 3 calendar days after the delivery date,’s standard product warranty will apply.

If the product is deemed by Technical Support NOT to be DOA,’s standard product warranty will apply.

Shipping will be arranged at’s expense for all products determined by Technical Support to be DOA. will test all returned DOA products before sending a replacement. If the condition of the product is misrepresented by the customer, may impose a handling fee of up to USD 500 to cover expenses related to receiving and testing the product, and shipment cost to send the product back to you.

Overall Return Guidelines

These guidelines apply to asset recovery/surplus items and are applicable only to products purchased by you directly from the empowerSMB.COM website.

All product returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Before returning a product, please, first contact customer service and obtain a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number before the end of the applicable return period. will not accept warranty/defective component returns without an RMA number. You may obtain an RMA number by contacting at

You must ship the product to the RMA address provided by within three ( 3 ) calendar days of the date that issues the warranty Return Merchant Authorization (RMA). Please follow the following steps:

Ship all products for which you received an RMA number TO THE RMA ADDRESS PROVIDED BY

For warranty returns, the item must be unaltered, undamaged, and in its original packaging including all the accessories, cables, media, documentation, and any other items that were included in your original shipment.

Ship the products at your expense and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.

The buyer will be responsible for actual return shipping charges. For product warranty returns shipped after the three ( 3 ) calendar days RMA time frame, reserves the right to reject the shipment and reroute the item back to the customer.

Upon receipt of your return, will notify you of the status of the warranty return and the estimated return date.

Note: Before you return the product to, make sure to back up any data on the hard drive(s) and other storage devices in the product. Remove all confidential, proprietary, and personal information as well as removable media such as flash drives, CDs, and PC Cards. is not responsible for any confidential, proprietary, or personal information; lost or corrupted data; or damaged or lost removable media that may be included with your return.

We recommend that you ship return merchandise via UPS (or any similar delivery service) with tracking, and signature confirmation and that you request adequate insurance to cover the purchase price of the shipment. will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation if return/exchange packages are damaged, lost, stolen, or mishandled. We highly recommend you use the original packaging and pack the product the same way as it was originally shipped.

Promotional Items: If you return a purchased item that qualified you for a discount, promotional item, or promotional card (for example, discounts for bulk purchases) and either (i) do not also return the discounted or promotional item or (ii) have already redeemed the promotional card, may deduct the value of the discount, promotional item, or redeemed card from any refund you receive for the return of the purchased item.

Restocking Fee: Unless the product is defective or the return is a direct result of an error on’s behalf, will charge a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price paid, plus any applicable sales tax.