RE/MAX real estate agent defeats ransomware attack with Carbonite

Location: Tallahassee, FLA

Carbonite User Since: November 2008

Specialty: Residential & commercial real estate


“The professionals at Carbonite are just absolutely unbelievably friendly and courteous and they take their time to help customers the right way.” — Sandler Dickson, RE/MAX Professionals Realty

Sandler Dickson is a longtime real estate agent from Tallahassee, Florida. He and his wife work together for RE/MAX Professionals Realty and have regularly helped buyers find homes, commercial land and other properties over the years.

“She has a little bit more experience than I do,” Dickson quipped. “She has 38 years of experience and I’ve only got about 36 years. We’re still learning new things about it viagra berlin kaufen.”

Dickson uses his personal computer to store loads of information about his real estate deals past and present. This information includes real estate documentation, floor plan graphics, and close to 25,000 pictures of properties, as well as personal photos and files.

“I have files from many years back,” he said. “I store pretty much everything that I’ve worked on in real estate over the years. I love to do graphics and so there are an awful lot of graphics, too.”

Fighting back against ransomware
Dickson has been a Carbonite customers for more than four years. But he never had to recover files from the backup service until recently when his computer was infected with ransomware that threatened to wipe out all of his important files.

Ransomware is a type of malware that latches onto a computer system and threatens to destroy all the files on a computer unless a ransom is paid. But Dickson is a fighter and not the type of person to give into the demands of criminals. Instead of paying the ransom, he decided to wipe the computer clean and use Carbonite to restore his important data.

“We ran all kinds of programs and we couldn’t get the malware off the computer,” Dickson recalled. “We decided that the best thing to do was to just clean the whole system, start fresh, reload the programs I had, and then bring the files back.”

A helpful experience
Dickson took the necessary steps to wipe his computer clean and rebuild it from scratch. When it was time to restore his files from backup, he called the Carbonite customer care team and reached a very helpful technician.

The technician walked him through the process of locating his files and restoring them from backup. A short while later Dickson’s computer was back up and running properly. The experience went so well that Dickson decided to write an email to Carbonite expressing gratitude.

“I just had a chance to speak with [a Carbonite service rep] and he is one of the nicest, most pleasant and competent customer service reps I have ever had to deal with,” the email read. “I can’t express how his willingness to help me locate my files really made my day!”

Some of his favorite features:

Carbonite’s well-trained customer care team isn’t just knowledgeable about Carbonite products and how to use them. They’re also very friendly, caring people who want nothing more than to help customers get their files back.

“You feel like they’re very much interested in your concern,” Dickson said. “They want to do anything they possibly can to make the restoration of your files a pleasant experience.”

As a native Floridian, Dickson greatly appreciates the fact that Carbonite’s “friendly and courteous” customer care team is located in the United States. Other companies’ overseas support operations have proven problematic for Dickson in the past. His experience with the Carbonite customer care team was excellent.

Dickson loves that Carbonite continuously backs up his computer in the background, without him having to worry about it. “Once you set up your backup, you don’t have to be concerned,” he said. “You know it’s going to be there.”

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